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Ping Pong baby playmat - bag

Great quality

This is a great concept and the bag is exceptional quality. However, I am not overly confident it is the right fit for me. I have only tried it once but struggled keeping everything contained.

Love this for when my grandson comes to visit. An instant play area for his trucks and cars. It is compact, with quick set up and clean up. A favorite!


Great product! I have been having a great time teaching my twin grandsons the states. And they have been loving loading it up with all their treasures and carrying them around in it.

Miffy Mini Storage Bag

Love the storage space, holds a lot and love the fact that’s it’s a drawstring, makes it easy to acess.

Whale toy storage bag
Catherine Wardlaw
Toy storage bag

The wales are really cute but disappointed that the print wasn’t on both sides. It was a gift so I haven’t heard their views on it. It was difficult to draw up and close.

Thanks for your positive reply.

The whale is indeed sigle side printed and is noted in product description
one side printed (inside ecru cotton color)
Apologies it was not clear.

concerning It doesn't close that's easy to solve.
How more get used how better it will close completely.
Also more weight is better.

Hope this gives a better view


Farm Life Toy Storage Bag
Kira Weber

We love our bag. We're planning on getting some fun farm toys and it will be the big gift this year. It's very sweet and I like the patterns a lot.

Paris Play Mat

I jut received the Paris Map play mat and it is so cute! It is a good quality for the price and I know that we will get lots of use out of it. Customer service is top notch and they really go out of the way to help their customers in a timely manner.

I gave four stars for two reasons. The colors were a little more muted than I was expecting it to be, I was hoping for it to look more like the picture. However, I know that online pictures do tend to be brighter than the actual product. It is also hard to close up all the way, but I am hoping with time and use that it will be easier.

Excellent tool to make outdoor adventures comfortable

This outdoor playmat makes it easier and more comfortable to be outside. I love the neutral colors and tones in this mat.

Not only is this mat great for my kids outdoor adventures and story time outside but it's great for bringing toys on road trip vacations.

Excellent Cooler Color Outdoor Playmat

My nature-based Microschool absolutely loves all of Play&Go's playmate, especially their outdoor mats since we spend the majority of our time outside. These mats do so well at easily cleaning up from play-dough, messy play or science adventures. I also love how these mats make it easier to do activities after a heavy rainfall in the Midwest.

The mats are a child friendly size that allow them to easily clean the mat up and store it away.

Paris Map Toy Storage Bag
Brooke Ashley Taylor Corcia
Paris Play Mat

The design is sweet and this is a great purchase as a play mat for the price. It is a bit cumbersome and oversized for storage functionality and didn't quite close properly for me but customer services were excellent and quick to respond.

Dear Ashley,

Thanks for your great feedback.
Size has been mentioned on the website and some people even ask larger - so it's always balancing.

Concering 'not closing' in the start it's a bit sturdy but how more you will use the cotton will get smoother and will close better.

Hope this gives a better view on your points

Wishing you a great day

great outdoor play bag

i love this play bag that doubles as a play mat for our outdoor adventures! we throw all our toys in there and it’s easy to carry around :)

Great product

My grandson has loved it.

Wonderful toy holder

My son has numerous cars and trucks and we were looking for a storage holder for some of them. This storage bag exceeded expectations! I was going to use them for small cars but it was larger than expected and so I was able to fit his large trucks in there easily. This storage bag was so much better than getting another stoage bin.

Meadow Green organic babymat
Kristin Hawley
Very nice!

I got this playmat as a nice looking alternative tummy time mat to keep in our living room. It is nice and soft and big. The color is very pretty and leaving it out doesn’t bother me, unlike some other baby items. Packs up nicely as well. As a tired mom with only a few minutes to take a nap with no blanket around, I even used it as a blanket, haha! Highly recommend.


The perfect mat to play on. Plus it makes for quick and easy clean up! Teaches kids independence to clean up on their own. Love it!

Obsessed is an understatement!

First of all, I’d just like to say I’m obsessed with the idea of having a portable road + storage bag. My son loves his cars more than anything and always has his backpack filled with cars but now we can just pack the cars in his storage back and bring it along! Now he can have a road to play on when we visit grandma or when he stays over at his aunt! It makes clean up easy and just the idea of having all his little cars in one place ready to go is amazing 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Thank you for making time writing a review!
Highly appreciated


Love this storage bag so much! We have so many legos so this bag is perfect for us! Easy to carry, easy to open and close! Highly recommend!

Paris Map Toy Storage Bag
Laetitia Meylemans
Play and go paris

Gift for my Parisian Godson, he and his parents absolutely love it ( and I do as well !) 😍 super nice team who is really into client’s satisfaction and resolving issues, thank you!!

Outdoor storage bag Mokka Stripes

So cute and practical!

Love how this playmat has such a fun and cute design! Perfect for playing trains or cars with. It’s also super practical to store toys in the playroom. We will be taking this on holdiay with us this week to carry toys and use as a playmat when we arrive. Gorgeous product!

Thank you Helena and happy to hear you are so happy with your play&go playmat!

Beautiful and practical

This playmat / storage bag is beautiful in the playroom but also really practical too. I love how I can use it to store some of the toys but we can also take it away with us and use it as toy storage and a playmat! Fantastic product!

Easy packing

Lovely playmat and bag. Easy in use and great size playmat.
It's great when you have kids on a playdate and you dont want to deal with the mess at the end of your day.

Beautiful products

Useful and stylish!

thank you Sarah!

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