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The Story Behind

Any parent who has stepped on a lost Lego in the middle of the night will understand the inspiration behind Play & Go. After suffering the pain of lost toys, cluttered playrooms, and general chaos, designer Céline Vanden Broecke decided it was time to think outside the toy box.

We could never achieve the success of Play&Go without our parents and close friends! So thank you! x

Meet Celine And Alain

In 2015, Celine and her husband Alain re innovated an ingenious solution for toy storage. Play & Go began as a passion project but quickly became an international sensation.

Drawing on Alain’s experience as the sales director of a multinational company and Céline’s 5 years as the director of an online kids’ boutique, the husband-wife team caught the press’s attention at their first international fair. When their one-of-a-kind storage bag debuted on Japanese and French national television, they knew their passion project was destined to become something bigger than they ever could have imagined!

The Breakthrough Product

Both Alain and Céline feel the Play & Go toy storage bag is so successful because they took the time to get into the mindset of the kids who would use it. With help from their kids, Camiel and Colette, they created an intuitive, practical design that makes toy storage fun. The breakthrough product is a toy storage bag and a stylish play mat, so kids can bring their favorite toys anywhere they go. Oh, you can see Camiel and Colette posing on all our campaign photos.

Currently, the Play&Go stylish playmats can be found in more than 30 countries and attending 20 trade fairs all around the world. Though they’re pleased with the company’s success to-date, Alain and Céline are even more excited to see how Play & Go continues to expand. They plan to partner with designers to create even more exciting, exclusive patterns. When they’re not dreaming up plans for improving their global distribution, you can catch the family at the Belgian coast. They also enjoy surfing, having fun with friends, tasting world cuisines, and exploring everything this world has to offer. But no matter how far they roam, they always return to the sea.

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