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Quarantine Kids: How to keep them entertained4

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Quarantine Kids: How to keep them entertained4

Which camp are you in: full of ideas or running out of inspiration when it comes to entertaining the kids? While some kids are little balls of energy who always find something to do, there are some ways to inspire your kiddos and introduce them to new activities & toys.

Read on to discover some of the newest toys & cool stuff for kids, handpicked by Play&Go. (Because we are parents and know a thing or two about having fun!)

Play games together Even if it feels like you have no time to yourself and doing MORE things together feels suffocating, spending a little quality time together can actually pay off more. When kids notice that you are present, they can feel more secure and fulfilled (and can give you more space in return by playing by themselves).

Board games and puzzles are a great way to get started. Use quick games like Bananagrams tocreate your own word games. Card games like SET are great for spatial recognition so you can feel good about the games too.

Mozaa by Renske Solkesz Create the largest colour fields and win. A visually striking mosaic-like game for all ages. (If the box gets damaged, just use your Play&Go Mini!)


Capture the world around you with The Zoofamily Kids Cameras For the budding photographers! Photography can be a great creative outlet: capture the garden,capture daily objects and let your kids document their days. These animal inspired cameras are perfect for small hands and come in a range of fun colours. If you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving, with endless possibilities, this is it.

The Zoofamily Eco-Friendly Kids Cameras Buy a camera, plant a tree. Made from eco friendly materials.


Bring out the kits for kids Not sure where to start and Pinterest-DIY inspiration isn’t always that helpful? Go for ready-made kits that explore certain topics. There are plenty out there that aren’t boring. Your kiddo can explore new interests in an easy and accessible way. And from there, you can always expand on interests.

National Geopgraphic Break Open Geodes Kit Become an geologist and explore geodes and crystals with this awesome kit


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